Have you tried the Bloomed Flower Fish?


Luxury fine dining is making your dreams a reality. You step out of your everyday life and having a quality time away from daily routines. It’s a way of experiencing the wildest form of your imagination. During one of our fine-dining visits, we savoured this delectable and unique dish which stunned us. It was the Bloomed flower, Sweet and Sour Fish.

Sweet and Sour Fish is a classic Chinese dish made out of crispy deep-fried (this one retained the white colour and was perfectly crispy) battered fish served in a sweet and sour sauce which lend a tangy, slurpy taste to the dish. Hats of to the Chef for romanticizing this dish to a Michelin level.

The normal fish chunks have been perfectly curated into a piece of art. What you see is a full bloomed flower fish, which has been skilfully cut to emerge as flower petals. A generous splurge of the sweet and sour gravy dramatizes and infuses the sizzle into this revolutionary dish. 

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On the flavour front, the fish portion is simultaneously slightly crispy yet soft within. A perfect temperature-controlled finesse to retain the fish flavours. This dish is not just a visual treat but also a gastronomic delight for every connoisseur.

To enjoy this dish and many more exotic Pan Asian delights, do visit ITC Maratha, Mumbai – their ‘Pan Asian’ restaurant has a splendid Chef Special menu which will surely astound you with the magical flavours.

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