Indian village which is the ‘Land of Black Magic’ – know more about it!


Recently, Guwahati was in the news when political party leaders were transported for a top-secret meeting pertaining to the Maharashtra political upsurge. It was during the interviews, one of the spokespersons categorically mentioned that Guwahati is the ‘land of black magic’ and allegedly propagated that the rival parties were resorting to black magic to get into power. 

Black magic and superstitions have ruled the mindsets of a small segment of Indian history. While the modern generation refuses to believe and debunks various myths of archaic superstitions, tantrics have been minting money under the garb of black magic. How much of the results are true is totally debatable?

This Guwahati village which is being touted as the 'Land of Black Magic' is MAYONG. The village is situated 40 kilometres away from Guwahati in the Marigaon district of Assam. For many years the village has been attracting the attention of tourists because of its mysterious past. Ironically, this small but strange village on the bank of the Brahmaputra full of mysteries and prevailing silence.

These so-called witch-doctors, tantrics and pseudo magicians are locally called with the name oja or bej / bez. While most of them to claim to have got these innate powers from their great grandfathers, their source of talent and capabilities are questionable. Most people who have visited this village will talk about major achievements, success stories and an end to their problems after consulting the tantric or doing the pujas they were asked to perform.

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While some term this as a ludicrous and senseless blind faith of the uneducated follower’s clan, it’s absurd that even educated families have been flocking to this village to get their dreams fulfilled.

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