Vaishnavi Ganatra – Luxury brands are just a sense of accomplishment.


TV actor Vaishnavi Ganatra talks about fashion, style and buying luxury brands.

“Fashion for me means something simple that makes you feel confident. It's not about the price or the brand. It is about the comfort, the fit, the look and most importantly- how you carry it. I own a few designer products which obviously, have been really expensive but I haven’t ever invested in a branded item which turned out to be completely useless.

“Yes, I do believe that sometimes brands go overboard with the products that they are launching. Those products have no purpose and just hold brand-value. People buy them just because of the brand name and standard. A sense of accomplishment is another reason why some people buy luxury goods. They are associated with strong social-adjustive attitudes because consumers use such brands to gain social approval. 

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"People go in for expensive products just so that they do not feel out of place, however lame or useless those products are. I don’t believe in doing so. Invest in what you think is going to provide well. Buy what you think is fulfilling your needs. Having a brand-tag on top of whatever you buy is simply not necessary”.


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