Where to buy exquisite Buransh rose syrup?


Have you tried the Buransh rose squash?

Not many know what Buransh is all about – it is made out of Rhododendron flowers that are freshly plucked in the season and then processed into a ready concentrate for consumption in our homes. This ready mix for a drink is ideal for the hot summers and adds the cooling effect besides having nutritional and immunity values.

What we liked about this?

The Buransh rose squash surely has a soothing effect, with a dynamic flavour to the drink. While most of us are bored with the normal synthetic cooler creations, this one adds a zing to the drink. The taste and flavour level are a perfect blend which makes it addictive for sure.


A must try brand:

Srot’, is an artisanal brand that believes in connecting consumers with the source of authentic natural ingredients. The brand emerges a winner at bridging social divide specifically amongst the women farmers of the hills and also help in creating right value for the efforts of the women members who work in making the brand success.

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You can place your orders from their website - https://srotthesource.com or even order from Amazon.



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