Where to buy – Kashmiri kahwa premix, pure saffron and walnut oil!


Kashmir has always evoked moments of splendour not just for its travel but also for the rich cultural heritage – be it cuisine, kaarigari or even the gift giving options.

The brand, Hands of Gold is a love letter from Kashmir. Founded by Sadaf Syed with the vision to send the best of Kashmir to the world with the handpicked choice of ingredients from the Himalayan contours. It is her humble attempt to help the misprized Kashmiri artisans make their way into million homes. Hands of Gold lives to make you experience all that is unique, rare, premium, and culturally exclusive.

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Hands of Gold offers products ranging from the flavours of honey, premix kahwa, 100% pure saffron, tadka masala, walnut oil, paper mache products, stoles, scarves, and much more. Their edible products are 100% pure, natural, and free of preservatives. Additionally, their other products are raw, natural, and handmade.

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Website link: https://www.handsofgold.in/

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