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Raksha Bandhan is a festival of blessings. An ode to the strong bond between a brother with his sister. Ironically, most people feel that the ‘Rakhi’ has lost its essence. Some sisters feel that the value of the sacred thread is lost easily since their brothers remove them in a couple of hours, forget even wearing it for a day. WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA strongly recommends a ‘Rakhi’ which is keepsake and will be with your brother for a longer period.


The #madeindian brand ‘Shastrafy’ has come up with a collection of 6 unique Bamboo rakhis that signify the human bond with nature. Each of these rakhis have natural crystals which works to impart balance and overall well-being while addressing a specific need. Shastrafy have combined the benefits of crystal therapy along with the ecofriendly and spiritual benefits of bamboo.



Isn’t that an amazing feat? We reviewed all 6 variations of their Rakhi collection and we were thoroughly impressed. All 6 rakhis have divine signs etched in them such as Shiv-Shakti Star, Swastik, Trishul, Wealth, Bansuri, and KalpaVriksha which have their own significance such as achieving power, wealth and prosperity, harmony, wish fulfillment, and enhancing relationships.


The Rakhis are almost like a fashion statement and have these unique features which would prompt every brother to wear it on a daily basis. Yes, there are some communities who value the sacred thread and wear it till the time the thread doesn’t break off immediately.

Why WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA loves this brand’s ideology even more?

The rakhis are not only playing an important role in balancing the environment but are also keeping a balance in the society at large as they are handcrafted by tribal women from Maharashtra who are working to keep their age-old art alive along with supporting their family in earning livelihood.


A bit About Shastrafy

Shastrafy is a pioneer e-marketplace in Indian spiritual science. Shastrafy possesses products across multiple categories such as Pooja essentials, Vastu products, Crystal products, Spiritual wellness & Lifestyle, etc. with special emphasis on spiritually activated and certified products. They focus on creating unique spiritual content via our digital platforms by spreading the knowledge of Indian spirituality across the globe.

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