If there’s one silver lining from the past year and a half, it’s that many of us have learned to prioritize our health and well-being. Before the pandemic, we may have been burned out but quarantine forced us to prioritize rest, set boundaries, and incorporate self-care into our daily lives. Wellness products, alternative therapies and holistic rituals have always helped to uncover what your body, mind, and spirit actually need is critical to a healthy, happy life.

Over the years, CREDENCE WELLNESS has carved a niche not just in the field of holistic therapies but also fortified their lifestyle product range. A loyal customer base has always vouched for pristine quality products when it comes to their bath salts or oil range.

The Founder, Dr. Riddhima Gehi has completed her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Gold Medalist).  She is dedicated and proficient in treating a wide spectrum of cases with her diverse knowledge in the fields of Geriatric Rehabilitation, Cases and pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. Her vision is to work towards Preventive rehabilitation and help individuals live a long and healthy life.

Since the prevalence of biopsychosocial ailments is on the rise, Dr. Riddhima offers a personalized, holistic and integrated approach for her patients at the comfort of their homes. She amalgamates her Physiotherapy knowledge and expertise with various healing modalities like Pranic Healing, Chromotherapy, Graphology, Financial Healing and Angel Card Reading. The integrated approach developed from the need to heal her patients on all the levels – Body, Mind and Soul. 

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On the lifestyle product range, every lifestyle solution is ‘energized’ and curated with the finest, purest ingredients. The brand vision here has always been to enable the client to retain a serene calmness and positivity after using the product range. The ‘Salts’ collection includes bath salts, foot soaks and scrubs too. The ‘Oils’ are pristine pure and loaded with miraculous results. The range includes Love Life oil, pain reducing oils, prosperity oils and more. The ‘Spray’ version has some bestsellers like the Prosperity Abundance Spray, Aura cleansing spray, Motivational Spray (for kids). The list is long.

Besides the product range, their much-sought after services include Financial and Business healing sessions which activate your block chakras and enhance the wealth abundance and energy flow in your career and business. Kudos to Dr. Riddhima who has passionately and perfectly blended alternative therapies which provide solutions for the mind, body and soul.

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You can connect with the brand on their website or on their Instagram page @credencewellness

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