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When a brand introduces any product or service to the world, 9 out of 10 brands already has a bunch of competitors out there. And that’s how competition begins!

According to a market research survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. Building a Brand is much more important than just building a business when it comes to branding.

K9 STARZ may have started off as a low-profile ‘Image & Brand Building’ agency but it has managed to give some shocking success stories. They ensure that a business owner or entrepreneur gets the best output for all their efforts into creating the best service or products for the consumers.

Image and Brand Building starts from the time of the business inception. K9 Starz has been a guiding force for many small businesses and start-ups, they believe that it’s about the balance between the Quality of the Product and the Image you are creating in the consumer’s mind (Branding). They have noticed that in most cases, start-ups fail for the prime reason that they work purely on a new idea which they feel is revolutionary without having their marketing plans in place.

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Whatever your business is about or does, the right IMAGE & BRAND BUILDING exercise creates your identity which lives in people’s Minds and Hearts forever. Therefore, branding is one of the most crucial parts of the future of Business.

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The services which K9 STARZ offers is:

1.    Image and Brand Building

2.   Start-up Consultation

3.   Packaging and designing

4.   Life Coach services

5.   Influencer Marketing & Management

6.   Low cost promotion for brands and individuals

7.   Press release creation and dissemination

8.   Social media management

9.   Content creation

10.                   Event management and media related duties

Email them at if you are planning a new start-up or have a small business.

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