TOP 75 INDIAN BRANDS SERIES – Hello Tempayy creates a Tsunamic Vegolution with its ready-to-cook products!


Foodies are constantly on the lookout for extraordinary flavours which are just not dynamically ballistic but also have the added advantage of being offered in ready-to-cook meal packs. Being a non-vegetarian may cause some hiccups when it comes to opting for vegetarian options which at times fail to titillate the taste buds.

What exactly is Tempeh?

For not many who aren’t aware, Tempeh has already created a sensation where the go-vegetarian euphoria has caught on like wild-fire. Tempeh is a plant-based protein which makes it dairy-free. Not only is it gluten-free, low in saturated fat but also naturally cholesterol free and rich in fibre (prebiotics). This makes it beneficial for gut health (as it is fermented), diabetes patients and assists weight loss too.

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What makes Hello Tempayy a blockbuster success?

Hello Tempayy is a soybean-based, easy to cook food that can be adapted across cuisines, meal occasions and cooking styles.  This tasty, ready-to-cook offering is a new source of balanced nutrition and offers a welcome change for vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts who seek new healthy alternatives and variety to add protein to their meals.  

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It is available in five variants: Natural, Simply Sriracha, Peppery Szechuan Chilli, Peri Peri and Spiced Tawa Masala and some new flavour additions. The team has also formulated some quirky recipes with the different flavours which assists a foodie to add more crazy, creative touches to the ready-to-cook-and-eat meal.

The response to this brand has been volcanic with the foodie-segment lapping it up. The aggressive marketing strategies have also enabled Tempayy based dishes in some elite restaurants. On a personal note, we too have been hooked on the meal packs they have. 

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