A must read book - Brijesh Baranwal LOVE OF THE THORNS


Book synopsis

Basant Ghosh could not spare time to get married since he was busy with his immediate ambitions in life. Deepali did not wish to marry, and when she wanted it at the crucial moments of her life, her boyfriend backed out. Shambhu was on a journey he had no time to think about. Suneeta got her love back in a way she would never had imagined. Manik Shah would not miss a single opportunity to bring out some words of wisdom from his trained professional mind. Sujeet Burman, a self-proclaimed film director, used his modus operandi to con the Bollywood aspirers and thus giving a bad name to the famous film industry in Bombay, as it was then. Lalaram wanted her son to inherit his legacy of running a profitable business, but his son Nandlal was leaving no stone unturned to find a job for himself and lead a 9 to 5 life, even if he had to shave his moustache for the same. People were amazed to witness the marriage of both a father and his son, together, at the same date, same place and same time. How did all this happen?


Author profile

Brijesh Baranwal is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He also holds a degree in Law from Delhi University and a degree in Commerce from Banaras Hindu University.

Although he works in the fields of audit and taxation, his heart lies in the world of stories and films. He preferred following his heart rather than continuing a plum job in an autonomous body of the Government of India. After few successful stints with non-fiction books, he has recently debuted in the world of fiction.

He lives in Mumbai with his wife and children.

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