Author Jasveer Singh Dangi - ‘THE HUNTER GENESIS’ surely has all the makings of a blockbuster for television or even films.

Superhuman strength, invisibility, flight, the ability to shoot webs—these are just a few of the fantastical elements common in superhero fiction, a subgenre of speculative fiction containing strong elements of fantasy and science fiction. Readers and even audiences love the SUPERHERO format for reading and viewing on the big screen. 

WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA caught up with Author Jasveer Singh Dangi who has recently launched his latest SUPERHERO novel, THE HUNTER GENESIS. In a free-wheeling chat, we get to know a lot about the book and his future plans. 


What has been your inspiration to write ‘THE HUNTER GENESIS’?

The Hunter Genesis is a product of my fetish with the action/adventure genre. Since childhood I had been fascinated with action and adventure movies, partly because I had  grown up listening to stories of bravery and adventure related to Sikh religion from my parents and grandparents. My first attempt at creating an action character was received with great admiration in the form of Double One Zero (110), with the Hunter Genesis I am taking it to the next level by creating a series. 

Will this be a series of books?

It is every author's dream to  create a series. With this book and the next part I have already completed two books in the Hunter series. With an Indian treasure hunter as the protagonist, and Indian mythology as the backdrop, this book has a mass appeal with something for readers of all ages. I have amalgamated Indian mythology, real historical characters and places with fictionalized characters and story thereby creating a potent mix of never ending excitement.

Which character has had the greatest impact on your readers?

The Hunter no doubt is a very powerful character but his description throughout the story is simple. Along with him, readers have also liked the character of the Widow. The Widow is mysterious, and her face is always covered. She manages an establishment which is considered immoral by all counts, yet she commands tremendous respect from everyone including the high and mighty.

The book has the makings of an adaptation for Television or also as a SuperHero film. Which actors do you feel would fit into the main roles?

THE HUNTER GENESIS’ surely has all the makings of a blockbuster for television or even films. Our audiences love the thrill elements and that’s the reason why Hollywood movies keep churning up such fantasy films which do good business at the box-office. Moreover, my book has a series coming up which is surely a good proposition for the Studios to take this further. 

As for the actors who fit into the roles, I haven't thought about this. As and when such an opportunity presents itself, it is the director’s call to choose an apt cast. Had it been for me, the main characters the Hunter, Rehan and the Widow would certainly need actors who are physically agile as the story has a lot of action sequences.   

What are your future plans?

Book 2 of the Hunter series tentatively titled, The Hunter Genesis – The Hunt Continues,  is in its final stages and will be out by mid 2023. Book 2 will take the action and adventure to the next level.

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