GIFTS FOR HER - Happie Curves offers an exciting range in Plus-size intimate wear.

Body shaming is a bitter appetizer that most people face quite frequently. Someone’s always too chubby, too skinny, too busty…the list can go on! What society fails to understand is while it’s just a small comment, it is very personal and attacking for the person on the receiving end.

Aligning to this very sensitive topic, Sonal Somani is breaking the norms and influencing women to be body positive in every size! Having been featured in a lot of magazines and being an Image Consultant for several years now, she has launched her own Plus-size Intimate wear brand - Happie Curves. It is a stylish solution to all practical issues faced by curvy women today.

What inspired you to start this venture and why is body positivity important?

A good dressing style emphasizes your best features, and makes you feel more confident. But, this becomes a problem when you are beyond a certain size because of a lack of fashionable fits for the curvy. This inspired me to launch an exclusive fashionable range of intimate wear for the plus size divas that would give them comfort, confidence, and allow them to be trendy at the same time. 

Being a plus size yourself, did you face body shaming in your life and how did you overcome it? 

Well, yeah! Obviously, mean comments were being passed on to me as I walked by. All the name-calling, judgmental stares, and even sarcastic comments wrapped up as health advice bothered me too. And trust me when I tell you body shaming can take a serious toll on your mental health and demotivate you. 

But luckily, I had a very strong support system within my family - my father, brother, and mother who picked me up whenever I felt low, demotivated or crushed. My father always said “Being fat can never be your identity and don’t let it become one”. This has stayed with me forever and is like my mantra to have a go-getter attitude towards life.

Then came my husband Ankur, who always pushed me to the right, brighter side. He never asked me to lose weight. He had no weight-related judgment towards me. Because of this positive aura around me, I was/am always charged up with confidence.  

What defines your brand and makes it stand out from the rest? 

The major issue concerning plus-size intimate wear is size availability. And let me just say that, most of the brands catering to this segment don’t really cater to this segment. Meaning, we curvy beauties struggle to find sizes beyond 46 or 48 inches (chest size); as the size charts of most body-inclusive brands end at 44 inches. 

And we, as a stylish intimate wear brand for plus size women are trying to match the international standards to fill that gap and bring inclusivity for all.

What issues does a plus-size woman face while shopping?

As a plus-size individual, there are very few brands catering to this segment and secondly, the sizes are an issue. You'll be surprised to know that many brands impose a ‘Fat Tax’ for clothes beyond the average size. Practically speaking, when you don't charge a lesser price for an XS, then is it right to charge a higher amount for a 3XL or beyond?!

What product line does your brand offer and where can we shop for them?

We at Happie Curves are all about Fashion, Comfort & Body Inclusivity. We offer a wide range of intimate wear including beachwear, swimwear, nightwear, bralettes, etc. Our products are all Made in India with top-quality fabrics keeping in mind the needs of the consumer. We try to keep the products as trendy as possible while not compromising on quality & comfort. 

Everything is available on our website and many other e-commerce websites as well.

Should plus size individuals practice self-love? Any tips for this community from your experiences. 

I feel practicing self-love is one of the most important habits one can inculcate. It’s all about accepting ourselves the way we are and wearing our imperfections with pride. If we don’t feel comfortable with our body and don't treat it well, how can we expect others to feel the same?

Don’t let any random judgements impact the way you feel about yourself. And remember, you can only spread love when you love yourself. I love to start my day with an affirmation- “Main apni favourite hu!”.

So, my tip would be to choose your ‘self-love mantra’ and say it in front of the mirror every morning. Journaling is another way you can progress on your journey. And lastly, find your tribe. Scout for people near and dear to you who will motivate you in becoming a brighter version of yourself!

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