#GoodReads - 'THE HUNTER GENESIS' written by Author Jasveer Singh Dangi.


The synopsis of the book 'THE HUNTER GENESIS' written by Author Jasveer Singh Dangi.

When Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad Shah, a weak Mughal king, discovers the whereabouts of powerful weapons used in the worst battle mankind had ever seen, he is ready to go to any lengths to acquire them. His mighty empire is at its weakest, with threats of imminent attack from outside and enemies within India consolidating more control. With desperation, Shah hatches a plan and there is only one man who can help him – THE HUNTER.

The Hunter is a finder of rare antiquities and is highly reputed for his impeccable skills. Though he mysteriously remembers nothing of his past, he has powers that make him invincible. But it all changes one day, when he gets forced to embark to Kanika Dwar, to retrieve weapons the power-hungry king desires.

Tackling difficult mountainous terrains, thick jungles, dangerous bandits and rough waters, The Hunter races against time to find what’s been hidden away for centuries and save a loved one from the clutches of the king. But he knows handing over the Godly weapons can only bring destruction in epic proportions.

Will he relent under pressure? Or find a way to save the world from unthinkable damage? Find out in Part I of The Hunter Genesis, where the legends from our ancient world collide with the madness of the 18th century.

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