Shopping for women can be stressful, especially if it's for Valentine's Day. It’s always advisable to choose something that she needs on a regular basis and would remember you whenever she uses it. 

WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA came across this revolutionary and money-saving beauty product which would surely appeal to all women as a perfect VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT.

The OLEGA Painless Hair Remover uses over 2500 Micro edge technology that helps cut and break the hair from the skin’s surface when you run it gently on the skin. It doesn't cause any pain or discomfort. This further helps exfoliate the skin leaving it silky- smooth.

OLEGA is derived from the Scandinavian origin and it means Blessed. We are a women led company, and feel blessed to be living in this world full of opportunities and empowering women by making them feel more confident and independent.

In an industry that seems to care only about appearances and quick fixes, Olega has made a positive impact on the people and planet. Olega users will help keep millions of single use plastic razors, plastic bottles/tubes of hair removal creams from filling the landfills every year. 

Benefits of Olega

It is 100% painless, skin safe and non toxic, prevents in-grown hair, exfoliates the skin and is reusable for around 2 years. Besides this, it is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, has no harmful chemicals and is Vegan. More than anything it is convenient and slows down hair growth when compared to shaving. 

Olega is a trusted name by over 10,000 Indian Women. For more information, you can connect with them on their Instagram page:


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