Woman Achiever Sandhya Shetty #Nofear - Actor , Supermodel, International speaker, Commonwealth Karate gold medalist


When a woman becomes a public figure especially a Super Model , her success is mostly attributed to the fact that she is pretty and beautiful. But this Woman Achiever has broken the archetypes and stereotypes found in the one-sided media’s portrayal of women.

In true essence when you speak to her, you realize she’s a ticking time-bomb loaded with dynamite. She has been lauded more for her talent notwithstanding her stunning looks.

Model, actor Sandhya Shetty has made India proud with winning the Commonwealth Gold medal (2015) in Karate. Her recent role in 'Dharavi Bank' on an OTT platform garnered tremendous appreciation. Surely a woman of substance, her interview will surely shake you up to get going with your life…and fulfil your dreams.

Your motto for Women Empowerment

I am THE WOMAN and change begins with me. Change is the only constant, let’s all rise and shine to glory.

What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

As a model, actor, anchor and karateka, I fulfil all roles with equal passion. But winning the Commonwealth Gold medal in Karate for my country India, was a huge achievement. I feel so proud, elated and honored to be in a position to do something for my country. When as a Woman, you add value to your country it’s the ultimate euphoric moment for you.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

Women need to educate themselves, be independent and earn their living. The right to choose and be capable of deciding their life map will definitely make them empowered. Once you are independent, it’s the best confidence booster.

What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?

In life, one has to be passionate towards their work and anything and everything they decide to do. Respecting oneself and others is of prime importance. Value of time management and quality of effort towards work will show absolute positive results. Drive to be on the top, excel in whatever you do and an attitude to win is definitely the winner.

Which causes related to Women would you like to support?

As a woman, one should be strong enough mentally and physically. I want to support the cause of empowering women with the knowledge of being fit and strong and teaching them self-defense. I also want to bring together women on various platforms to bring in a sense of togetherness to support each other to uplift the beautiful woman that we all are.

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3 tips to Women to be successful in life.

We are born as a women and we all should be proud to be one. Dream and dream big. Work towards achieving those dreams with great passion. Be honest to self and love yourself and be happy in what you do and support each other to create good vibes and positive energy to always succeed in life.

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