True Story – I lost my husband on Holi!


We all love our Indian festivals but the festival of colours proved to be a game changer for me. Yes, it was on Holi Day (three years back) that I lost my husband. Today, I am a single mother who made a new beginning with no support whatsoever from my loved ones.

Tears drizzle down every time Holi approaches. But with the sorrow also welcomes the grit and tough spirit that has made me surpass all the hindrances that came my way. What trickles in my mind always is that ‘Was I destined to go through all this?’, “Will I be able to give my child a good life?’

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Well, I am an Empowered Indian Woman. I had no options but to start life afresh and make a success of it. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses but what scares me is my child’s future. Like every mother, I want to give Jannat (my daughter) the best. With a busy career and being a single mother, I am unable to offer her quality time. But maybe that will make my child a stronger person.

My husband Vikrant was out for a beach party at Alibaug with his friends. Since I was expecting, I didn’t accompany him. In the spirit of adventure and yes with more than a couple of drinks down plus the ‘bhaang ke laddoo’, he swam into the danger zone of the beach. He never came back, his body was found floating after seven days. I was in a state of shock, the only consolation was his family. But not for too long.

Ours was a love marriage, Vikrant was a rich spoilt brat and we had a runaway wedding. His parents threw me out of the house despite me being in the family way. They blamed me of being ‘manhoos’ and of taking the life of their only son. They haven’t seen my daughter till date nor been in touch with me.

My sister-in-law accommodated me for two weeks and later showed me the door. I missed my parents who surely would have welcomed me with open hands and stood by me. The only support I had was of my childhood friend Simran, she’s been my daughter’s godmother. She got me a stable job despite my pregnant status and is always there for me. Life has been a struggle and I can only bless Simran for being the saviour in my life.

As I write this, my heart yearns for Vikrant to hug our Jannat. She has his naughtiness and keeps biting my nose like he used to. My in-laws are old and ailing but their arrogance doesn’t let them accept me.

I know am a strong woman, self-respecting enough to starve but give my Jannat the best. I hereby implore all women to be there with their husbands on every HOLI day. Keep a watch on their drinking and shower them with snug hugs.

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Jannat says Hi to all of you, do pray for her! Hope her mom can withstand the pressures of being a single mother and make her an Empowered Indian Woman!

Love you all!

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