Woman Achiever Dr. Riddhima Gehi - Financial Abundance Healer


It’s interesting to note that when women enter the public sphere their power is simple ‘feminine power’. It's true that there is a feminine way to assert power, more empathetic, more social and always less brutal. What's also fascinating is how this ‘feminine power’ developed its own aesthetic style. 

Our Woman Achiever Dr. Riddhima Gehi has been a ‘power woman’ who has gone beyond clacking her stilettos on the ground. A Gold Medalist in Physiotherapy, Dr. Riddhima progressed, upscaled her skills and is also a renowned Pranic Healer. Her Financial Abundance Healing sessions have made dramatic changes to people’s financial status and lives. Besides this, she is also an accomplished entrepreneur with her brand ‘Credence Wellness’ which offers a range of premium wellness products like  bath salts, oils and more. 


Your motto for Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is not a movement! It is an inbuilt, inherent trait which is predominant within every woman. It’s just that most of us haven’t managed to unleash it. Right from our birth, the streak is evident which garners more love and affection from family and friends as compared to the male off-spring.

What qualities do Women need to imbibe within themselves to be more Empowered and successful in life?

Every woman – be it a mother, daughter, sister, soul mate or wife has more power to face the world. We, as women, are more practical, sane and sorted. We can manage to succeed with our sheer grit and persuasive nature to fulfil our dreams and aspirations.

What drives you to be at the Top of your Game? What are your success strategies?


EXCEL at whatever you wish to achieve

ENHANCE your confidence meter with the ‘Yes, I can do it’ spirit

BANISH all negative elements in your life. Interact with positive peeps only.

MAKE YOURSELF A BRAND….carve a niche out of the career you are pursuing. Being a Gold Medalist with my Masters degree in Physiotherapy, I blended my skills with incorporating Pranic Healing therapies. The outcome was miraculous.

UPGRADE yourself regularly. Recharge your batteries and stay ahead of times. Learn something new.

WEAR MULTIPLE HATS…Make time to have not just a Plan B or C but more. You will be amazed on how smoothly you can increase your finance options.

ACTIVATE YOUR FINANCE CHAKRAS…Your chakras get complacent and you realize your efforts aren’t being rewarded effectively.

MEDITATE TO GET YOUR ANSWERS….Make the Universe your best friend. Most of the time we have the answers to our problems within us. Meditation helps you heal your life and forge ahead for a smoother, successful career growth.

SPREAD SMILES UNCONDITIONALLY…Learn the art to make a new friend in the first 5 seconds of meeting someone. Network and mentor other women who need that push.

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START YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURE…make sure your project plan is low-budget, risk free and has potential for sales. Start now, Think Big, Live your Dreams!!

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