ITC Hotels take its signature “Dehlnavi Trail” pan-India


Known for showcasing the finest culinary traditions, guided by researching new concepts while promoting heritage cuisine, ITC Hotels takes the Dehlnavi trail to its properties across India.

Already very popular at Sheraton New Delhi, this signature cuisine symbolizes a rich amalgamation of cultures. From the use of millets in local and international cuisine to bringing Delhi's love of flavorful food to the table, the skills of our MasterChefs have time and again proven ITC Hotels’ supremacy in this segment.

A melting pot of various influences Delhi has established itself as a city united in its love for food, welcoming people from different parts of the country, partaking in their traditions, and inviting them to celebrate its vibrant spirit. The modern city of Delhi today includes the seven historical cities from which empires were built. Culture and heritage have always had a huge influence on the food history of any region, adding to the distinctiveness and personality of its cuisine.

Delhi’s history reflects in its traditions, especially food through the Medieval to Colonial to pre and post partition era. The city has never forgotten the importance of its past glory and continues to pay tribute to the rich and diverse cultures that have overtime made Delhi their home. From the legacy of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s reign to Marwari traders to the Punjabi settlers, each culture has contributed and left an indelible impression resulting in the evolution of the Dehlnavi cuisine. 

Culinary expertise and food habits over the years, along with the distinctive styles of preparation, have lent their uniqueness and character to the cuisine. Dehlnavi is symbolic of not just a particular cuisine but a tradition steeped in various generations. The menu meanders its way through different eras that are significant to Delhi’s food history. It includes delicious signature offerings such as like
Dilli ki Nihari, Nimona Pulao, Dal Dehlnavi, Dilli Butter Chicken, Baraf ki Handi and much more.

The Dehlnavi Food Trail can be experienced for dinner from 26th April 2023 to 30th April 2023 at Sheraton New Delhi, Saket and ITC Maurya, New Delhi.

Dehlnavi Trail on way to

ITC Maratha & ITC Grand Central, Mumbai:           11th – 14th May         

ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru:                                          8th -11th June            

ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad:                                          13th -16th July           

ITC Grand Chola, Chennai:                                        3rd -6th August                      

ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata:                                       7th -10th September

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