How Satvinder Pal Kaur saved her mother from Euthanasia?


Having a daughter is undoubtedly a blessing. Daughters are selfless humans. That’s the reason why daughters are considered to be better than sons. She is the one who keeps the respect of two houses together. For a lifetime, she plays hundreds of roles and still is the one who keeps everyone happy!

Sons might leave their parents home after marriage, but daughters will never do so. Till the last day, you will see that your daughter will be holding your hand, putting up a strong front yet crying secretly. That’s the lovely charm of a daughter because she knows the pain of leaving her parents after all the sacrifices they have made for her upbringing and giving her a pampered, protected life. 

Kolkata born Satvinder Pal Kaur’s story is a heart-rending, emotional tale which speaks volumes of inspiration for all the daughters of India. A passionately positive peep, Satvinder was born to her parents after 17-years of their marriage. Her love marriage to Anish Das did create some relationship complications but the family today is one-happy-family with an endearing story of love, devotion and the unstinted spirit to fight all odds and emerge a winner as a team. On a personal note, WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA gives a standing ovation to Satvinder and her husband Anish for relentlessly battling the health issues of Satvinder’s mother Ajaib Kaur and having that undying faith in prayer which brought forth these Divine Angels to show more miracles. 

Over to Satvinder and her story:

Being the only daughter, you have been a strong support for your mom who has been through a lot of pain. Looking back, what gave you all the strength to help her through the tough moments. 

Being an only child, my parents made me strong within their protective aura. If I imagine myself to have siblings, I would still be the one who would go to any extent to look after my parents. I always had this undying faith and confident hope that my mother would come back stronger despite some doctors saying that they couldn't do much. I wasn’t ready to accept this because my mother has always been the hardworking homemaker doing everything on her own even the day before getting ill.

What exactly went wrong with your mother?

The first time my mom ever visited my home was four years after my marriage. I married against her will and somehow our relationship was restrained. The date was 31st May 2020 when my Mom came home after the first lockdown of Covid. She stayed with us for some days and then went back, her visits to us continued but somehow her health was going down. On January 27th 2022, my mother called me and said that she couldn’t travel on her own to visit us. I went and got her home, she was in pain and had been avoiding disclosing this to us. We tried physiotherapy at home for 8 days and nothing seemed to improve. On the contrary, her condition became worse and she couldn’t even go to the washroom anymore. We had no option but to get her admitted.

Why did your mom keep asking for Euthanasia?

The doctors treating her advised us to get a minor procedure done in the OT that would help reduce the pain in her legs and knees. The doctor did the procedure and gave her tractions making her unable to move her knees due to the extreme pain due to those tractions. Suddenly, they decided to discharge my mother from the hospital. They claimed that she would not be able to do any better now. She was 75 years old and healthy except for the osteoarthritis in her knees. The hospital’s conclusion was quite shocking for all of us. 

Did things worsen after she left the hospital and while she was being treated?

During the treatment phase, my mother got bed sores at her back which made it worse. I cried hearing her asking for euthanasia. The sight was a nightmare. No doctor was ready to visit home to see my mother. We then rented a hospital bed and bought an air mattress to give her some relief. Seeing her in constant pain and yet keeping a strong front for her (with my family and our responsibilities) was a tough task. Which daughter would want her parents to suffer in pain when the medical team had put their hands up? But we had decided that we would ensure Mom would be fighting fit and walking on her own.

Your husband seems to have been a strong pillar of strength for you.

Anish Das, my husband and I didn't have the space to be depressed or lose hope. We decided to fight all the odds and emerge as winners for Mom’s sake. 

My husband stayed rock solid beside me and we left no stone unturned to bring Mom back on her feet again. Although the hope was bleak,  our efforts were enormous. Out of the blue, we had these Divine Angels sent by the Universe coming our way to show us the path to recovery.

Wow, do let us know more about these Divine Angels and how they helped you?
My aunt, Sucharita Chakraborti is the Angel who had heard about this nurse from one of her acquaintances and she arranged for the contact number for me. Mou, the angelic nurse is great at treating bed sores. She gets the brownie points for curing my mom and easing her pain. She introduced us to renowned Dr. Rajesh Chel who came home and treated my mother’s depression, pain. He introduced us to a fantastic physiotherapist Apurba. This physiotherapist made my mother learn how to walk all over again and was instrumental in speedy recovery.

With the Divine Angels around her, did Mom banish all thoughts about Euthanasia?

Once Mom started taking her first steps, she was overwhelmed. She would do all the exercises that her physiotherapist advised her to do. Today, at 76 years of age, she is steady and extremely active. She helps me with a lot of things at home everyday. She is very thankful to God and so are we. She told everyone about her journey when she got phone calls from Punjab and abroad and she appreciates our family for standing strong beside her in every situation and I reply saying “You made me learn walking, so I had to do the same, Ammi!”

You have been the Epitome of a Selfless Daughter for your mom. Would you have advocated Euthanasia for her?

I know this has been a tough journey which every daughter would have forged ahead to fight with destiny and get her parents out of the trauma. I recollect the moments where my mom’s grueling pain also made me change my mind and consider Euthanasia for her. But it’s the unstinted support of my caring, strong husband who I will be eternally grateful to. His rock solid support and determination for being there for my Mom is commendable. Mom and I are fortunate and blessed for having him in our lives. Mom could not have ever had a better son. Today, Mom adores him and can speak endlessly about his goodness. 

As a parting shot, WHAT’S  HOT IN INDIA offers a message to all the Youth of India…

All We can say is that, our parents spend their entire lives sacrificing for us. Yes, we do have cases where children leave their ageing parents to fend for themselves in their pursuit for a glorious career. Somehow it is the daughters who always stand by our parents and family. It’s our unconditional love for our parents which helps us balance our personal family space with them. Never ever feel offended if your parents keep repeating the same things to you, be the strong shielding support for their happiness always. Remember your moments as a kid and how much love they showered on you. Parents need love, support and affection in their golden years - Don’t be selfish to walk away from their lives. 

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