GIFTS FOR HIM & HER - Handcrafted and hand-blended artisanal ISAK FRAGRANCES


A gift always has to be unique and extraordinary, something that lingers deep into the mindset and leaves good memories. What better option than to choose something that leaves a sense of belonging and love to the gift receiver. 

WHAT’S HOT IN INDIA came across this 160-year old legendary brand that has mastered the art of handcrafted and hand-blended artisanal fragrances to invigorate one’s senses. ISAK FRAGRANCES embarks you on a remarkable olfactory experience where the essence is artfully captured in exclusive scents. The niche scents from ISAK Fragrances are  crafted with locally sourced and high quality ingredients. They strongly believe that the true beauty of a fragrance depends on the origin of its ingredients. 

Our recommendations from their range would be:

Cosmic Dance - Glittering aesthetic, satiating & enunciating; 'Cosmic Dance' signifies the very essence of today’s ambitious and proficient men and women.

Edge of Dreams - The aroma of 'Edge of Dreams', only strengthens our yearning for indulgence, as the musky flavor takes on an opulent role of captivating the wearer with its charming warmth.

Sunshine & Me - A regular morning custom with this delicious perfume will sparkle accomplishments to your daily routine in good measure making you feel extremely hopeful, young and vibrant.

Go ahead and check their website and maybe you could curate a special gift box for your loved one!

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