PVR INOX’s 30-minute Trailer Screening Show sells over 2.5 lac tickets sold in 50 days


India’s largest multiplex chain, PVR INOX, has announced that its first-of-its-kind content innovation, the 30-minute Trailer Screening Show, introduced in the month of April, has sold more than 2.5 lac tickets in the first 50 days of being introduced.

This 30 minute extravaganza offers a unique cinematic experience to the viewers where they can watch 10-12 trailers of the most anticipated films at an amazing price of just Re. 1! The initiative has proven successful with a phenomenal audience response and a highly encouraging audience retention rate of more than 40%.

Audiences in Mumbai have loved this offering the most, followed by Delhi and Bengaluru. Other than the audiences, production houses and filmmakers too have expressed their appreciation of this innovation. Besides enthralling the movie-lovers across the country, the 30-minute quick and ‘snackable’ entertainment package is also serving those audiences well who have to spend time in the mall, either while waiting for friends, or for their new clothes being altered or their cars being washed.

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