Misbah Kapadia - Restaurant decor trends in 2024 will be shaped by social media's influence.


The architecture and design of a restaurant’s interior are critical components of the overall design. As soon as a customer enters through the door, the first thing he or she will notice is the interior design of your business. This initial impression will determine how they see your brand, what degree of service they expect, how much time they expect to spend with you, and whether or not they will return in the future. As a result, it is impossible to overstate the significance of interior design.

Focusing on the Restaurant Decor trends for 2024, we spoke to Misbah Kapadia, founder and curator of Design Konstruct. She stands out as a prominent and renowned interior designer with over a decade of experience. Renowned for her work in hospitality and residential spaces, she's the creative force behind popular establishments like Silver Beach Cafe, IBHK Bangalore, Madeira and Mime, Bougain Villa, Ooh Pitara, Asia Kitchen BKC, Pleo BKC and Facing East, and many others. As for awards, it include Best & Trendsetter Interior Designer 2023 -Under 40, Appreciation of their creative Excellence at Kudos Gallery, Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Award and more.

Your recent venture with 'Tango Tamari' in Juhu has received rave reviews on the decor. Do share your notes on the conceptualization of the decor design.

At 'Tango Tamari', the design embodies the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cultures. We blend Japanese minimalism with vibrant Peruvian textiles, aiming for an immersive dining experience. Our vision to have an eclectic feel has come through with its balanced ambiance, thematic material choices, and evocative color palette. Personally, I admire the integration of natural light and the captivating bar design.

Having been in the business for long, what are the Restaurant Decor Trends for 2024?

In the coming year, restaurant decor trends are shaped by social media's influence. Key trends include illuminated walkways, distinct logos for brand identity, and entrances offering panoramic views. Sustainable design elements are gaining importance for unique character and eco- consciousness. Strategic color and art choices are crucial, resonating with the brand while ensuring recognition. However, meeting clients' visions amidst evolving trends remains a challenge. Balancing evolving trends with client needs remains a core challenge in crafting functional and appealing environments.

Could you explain your approach to maintaining cost-effective designs while working on your projects?

Our design philosophy prioritizes practicality, integrating cost-effective solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. By understanding the project essentials and constraints, we employ innovative methods like using panels instead of natural elements, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. We emphasize replicable finishing materials, sustaining design integrity while meeting budgetary needs and adapting to evolving trends.

Your work often captures attention for its uniqueness and creativity. Can you elaborate on a specific design element or technique that you've pioneered or popularized within the industry?

In design, ideation fuels innovation and uniqueness. Evolving to match clients' changing needs is vital. We embrace market shifts and diverse influences, integrating them for client satisfaction. Our agility in adapting to trends balances current aesthetics with timeless appeal, aligning with our clients' visions for enduring spaces.

What do we expect coming up from your end in 2024?

Currently, we're passionately crafting an exciting architectural installation, eager for its reveal. Anticipation runs high, and we're thrilled about what's ahead.

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