Mumbai Gallery Weekend presents Evolution of Now


MGW all set to take place in the city of Mumbai from January 11-14th presents "Evolution of Now," a Young Collectors’ Pop Up Exhibition curated by Teesta Bhandare and Art Garde a ground-breaking group exhibition featuring 8 emerging artists from across India, is set to redefine the landscape of contemporary art. This pop-up serves as a testament to the diversity of artistic expression prevalent in the country today, offering a vibrant starting point for emerging collectors venturing into the art scene. 

From 11th to 14th January, 2024, the inaugural edition will coincide with the Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2024, providing a unique platform for art enthusiasts and collectors to immerse themselves in the evolving narratives of these visionary artists such as Purvai Rai, Ritu Aggarwal,Kaushik Saha, Akshata Mokshi, Dheeraj Yadav, Pavan Kavitkar, Sheena Bajaria and Meera George. The exhibition will take place at Kathiwada City House.

About Mumbai Gallery Weekend (MGW)

MGW is an initiative started in 2012 by nine of the then leading contemporary art galleries of Mumbai. Over the last twelve years, every year, MGW’s primary objective has been to touch the hearts and minds of existing and potential art collectors and enthusiasts across a variety of fields, including industry, finance, and media in order to broaden the reach and relevance of contemporary art.

This year, the team at Chemould Prescott Road is taking the lead to organize an all immersive and interactive events at Mumbai Gallery Weekend, 2024. (MGW). The event will be the city's largest coordinated art festival, and is a free event! For details of shows, events, and venues.

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