China Bistro Unveils a Culinary Love Affair this Valentine's Day 2024


China Bistro, the epitome of Neu Asian culinary excellence, invites couples to a delightful love journey this Valentine's Day. Meticulously curated, the special menu, "Love Affair at China Bistro," offers a diverse array of choices. Veg delights like Philly Cheese Dumpling and Veg Crystal Dumplings, and non-veg treats like Chicken Basil Dumpling and Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza beckon dimsum lovers. Satisfy sushi cravings with options like Blue Forest Roll and Crunchy Avocado for vegetarians or Salmon Cream Cheese Avocado Roll and Prawns Tempura Roll for non-veg enthusiasts.

Begin the gastronomic journey with appetizers like Classic Vegetable Spring RollCrispy Potato with Lime and Chili or China Bistro Smoked Chilli Chicken and Fish tossed in Garlic & Pepper. Delve into the main course, savoring Thai Green Curry or San Trio Stone Pot for vegetarians and tantalizing options like Thai Green Curry- Chicken or San Trio Stone Pot- Chicken  for non-vegetarians. Sweeten the experience with Mochi Ice Cream, choosing your preferred flavor, and complement your meal with a Mocktail or Cocktail.

Priced at 1499++ per couple, the "Love Affair at China Bistro" guarantees an unforgettable Valentine's Day celebration. For reservations, call 022 4942 2323 and secure your spot at China Bistro in Bengaluru's vibrant streets.

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