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A Woman is Empowered when she has the comforting cushion of financial freedom supporting her. It’s a known fact that some Indian women fail to take life-changing decisions of moving out on their own since fears of managing their future comes in the way. Dr. Riddhima Gehi, an accomplished Gold Medalist Physiotherapist, a certified Pranic Healer, an Entrepreneur has created extraordinary experiences and results for herself and others while pursuing her purpose of empowering and uplifting others. 

As a Financial and Abundance Coach, Riddhima helps her clients on mindset transformation, activating their blocked Money Chakras, personal growth, human potential, energetic and spiritual principles, entrepreneurship, work-life balance and living your purpose and joy. Read on to gain insights on how a Financial Abundance can not just 3X your Wealth DNA but also influence your Empowerment trait. 

What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they’ve got ambition, and they’ve got talent, as well as just beauty. So for me, women empowerment is not a Feminism streak since Indian women have always been strong. Empowerment is about changing the way the world perceives that strength. Today, every Indian women has to have a Financial Abundance in order to become an Empowered Woman.

Why are Indian Women less empowered?

In the current scenario, today’s generation has woken up to the call of being Empowered - not just in their thinking, their rights but also moving towards their success goals. Indian women are less empowered when they are stuck with old values, aren’t self-reliant or independent. If you are confident about taking charge with your life, vision and refuse to be a doormat - success will be yours. 

3 Tips to build self-confidence within yourself.

Upgrade yourself. Change with the times. Mingle with the right positive people who can enhance your confidence level. And of course, make sure you have a money-nest to support and take care of yourself always.

Tips to balance your work, home and personal life.

From time immemorial, women have single-handedly managed their homes, family and kids without any hiccups. Today’s generation manages a career too and ensures there is smooth sailing always. Effective time management skills is the ultimate tip for flawless management of your life. 

Tips to manage your money.

Money is a super-power for all of us, not just women. Don’t be an impulsive shopper, adapt yourself to the adage, ‘Is it a must to have or an immediate need’. Regular savings of your income, wise investments not just for tomorrow but also for your retirement is the need of the hour. 

Money isn’t just saving but also giving back to the society by way of donations. The Karmic law of Abundance flourishes your income streams when you help the needy. Allocate a decent portion of your income to donation too, and you will see wonders in your life. 

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Tips to activate your Wealth DNA.

You need to activate and cleanse your Wealth Chakras. Financial Abundance is enhanced with regular ‘financial healing’ sessions which declutter your mind, evoke your mindset for abundance and cleanse the clogged aura within you. Affirmations also help and your goals, dreams and desires are fulfilled faster. Inculcate the seed of Manifestation within you, trust yourself and conquer the world.  Our Financial Abundance series (Instagram @credencewellness) takes you through the steps to a successful mindset and positive attitude towards your life. 

Tips to Shine in a Male dominated Corporate world.

If you are talented, confident and progressive - you will shine in every field. Women have learnt to say NO, they know exactly what they want in life. Empowerment at work is all about self-respect, creating your own opportunities and shimmering with your talent with a performance-oriented vision. 

How do you support women who come to you for guidance?

Women should support other women entrepreneurs who need advice, guidance and tips to avoid footfalls when they are taking baby steps in the entrepreneurial world. Sometimes, your decision making is enhanced when you speak to a Coach who opens your mind to hidden dimensions which you haven’t considered. As an Abundance and Manifestation Coach, I guide them on the steps to success and warn them of the hurdles they need to be ready with. 

Tips to walk out of a toxic relationship.

Never get too emotional in the initial stages of a relationship. Learn to judge your partner and the moment you notice the toxic traits, open your eyes and think twice. Toxic relationships are on the rise and it’s best to cut the cords (after analyzing the situation). If there is lack of peace and compatibility in the relationship, you need to decide if you should continue with it and part ways amicably. 

What’s your message for Indian Women on Women’s Day?

A woman is like a tea bag — you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. Women have always been the strong ones of the world. Gear up, forge ahead, achieve your goals, live your life to the fullest - without any fear but with that addictive confidence that I AM EMPOWERED WITH ABUNDANCE ALWAYS!

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