Dr. Sreya Basu - All women empowerment laws are sadly limited to black and white.


She introduces herself as someone who is made of "inappropriate humour and inappropriate courage". A journalist with a PhD in English Literature, who chooses to spend more time with her books and handicapped animals than with humans, Dr. Sreya Basu lives life on "give no shit, take no shit" principle.

What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

When you know what you want for yourself and have the courage to add, subtract, multiply and divide everything and everyone accordingly. That's when you can consider yourself to be an Empowered Woman who can take care of herself.

Why are Indian Women less empowered?

One, because they fancy empowerment, but when it comes to move their butts and work towards/on it, they chicken out.

Two, our social and legal system. For the patriarchal society, it's always the missionary over cowgirl. (Winks)

For the Indian legal system, including the police and court, it is a strange duality that prevails. If you brave up, then you are faking it. If you show up vulnerable, then also you are playing the victim card. By the time, the multiple rounds of "prove yourself" for the victim are completed, the culprit goes underground. All women empowerment laws are sadly limited to black and white.

Tips to build self-confidence within yourself.

Know yourself inside out. Only then the heart and brain will be in harmonious coordination. You are your primary responsibility. Always remember, if you are not going to love/respect/stand up for yourself, you can't expect others to do it for you. That will be a hypocrisy.

Tips to balance your work, home and personal life.

Well, if you "work" from "home" on something that is close to your heart, your "personal life" and everything related to it, remain peacefully balanced. Which means, don't pick anything randomly when it comes to work, home and personal life. Choose what is good for you. Not everything is for everyone. What works for one, needn't work the same way for the other. So, customize your life if you seek a harmonious balance.

Tips to walk out of a toxic relationship.

Don't walk out before squaring the equation. No one should be allowed to treat you like trash or spit you out once his needs are over. Love is not a switch that can be turned on and off. Also I believe "move on" is just another name for escapism for the weak.

Keep loving him with the same passion and dedication while you drag him and put him behind bars. Cry as much as you want when they jail him. Then celebrate it with mutton biryani and vodka in orange juice.

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Remember, sex on false promise is not consensual but rape (IPC Section 376), that amounts to at least 7 years in jail, cheating in relationship (Section 417) amounts to 1-1.5 years and anal sex is "unnatural sex" as per Indian law and amounts to at least 10 years imprisonment. Of course, there are a lot of other sections on the menu to choose from.

Tips to Shine in a Male dominated Corporate world.

You can't. Of course there are exceptions. But I said what I said. However, it is not a competition. Nor there is anything to prove to anyone but your own self. Do your work, give the best you want to, and that's all. If you are happy with and proud of yourself, you are not just shining but also rocking it, baby!

Women causes you would like to support.

As long as a woman is fighting on her own for her rights, I would support her. Doesn't matter for what cause. But I detest women who goes on playing all "bechari", shoot off other's shoulders and run away when time comes for actual action.

Tips to manage your money.

Put everything you intend to buy in the cart and leave it there for a week. Come back to realize you have lost interest in 90% of them.

Tips to fight Sexual Harassment at work.

Be vocal and remain consistent about it. That's all. The way forward will open up only if you dare to keep marching forward. Even a stone suffers erosion if water does its work with consistency.

Now you may wonder, given the way the legal system works, what if I lose?

Well, winning or losing is not in our hands; giving our best shot, is. So do that. If you win, the biryani and vodka await. If you lose, even then, the biryani and vodka await. Happy Women's Day...and I hope you take back something from my interview!

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