Father's Day Gifts – XAGE, an Express Liquor Aging device.


What is XAGE?

XAGE is an Express Liquor Aging device that is powered by proprietary patented technology based on Nano Fusion Resonance. The device helps mature alcohol to its highest potential within minutes, as opposed to the years it takes in barrels.

XAGE products can then alter the molecular structure of alcohol down to its simplest form & remove all harsh tasting impurities (congeners) present in all spirits, thereby enhancing its flavour and giving it a more smooth, well-rounded taste.

The process is completely non-invasive & 100% safe. Simply place your glass with 60ml liquor of your choice for 30 mins or a 750 ml bottle for 24 hours, on the XAGE disc. And let the fusion resonance ‘hack’ the chemical codes of the alcohol and recreate years of aging in mins / hours. A perfect way to ‘Raise The Bar’ and elevate your drinking experience.

Suitable for all distilled spirits including Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Bourbon, Scotch, Rye and alcoholic beverages / wines made from grain and other fermented fruits & vegetables. Fruit

At the heart of XAGE is Activemex (TM), a patented proprietary technology based on Nano Fusion Resonance which charges the XAGE disc with a pre-configured Quantum Resonance Frequency. s and vegetables.

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