Sandhya Johari – Self love ignites your confidence quotient.


Working in hospitality teaches you skills you could not learn anywhere else. It takes dedication to work in the hospitality industry; you’re constantly trying your best to please the customer while standing on your feet for long periods of time and performing thankless tasks. You level up your toughness, just like in a video game, to get through later challenges that are even more challenging.

Have worked with various brands like Aromas cafe - an Australian chain of cafe, Hakkasan & Yauatcha - international brands of fine-dining from London, casual dining brands like Pop Tates, Urban Tadka, Chimichurri, night clubs like Finch, Sandhya Johari is currently working with The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai as Marketing & Communications Manager. A tough job to handle and balance with your personal life but Sandhya has managed to skillfully emerge a winner with her magical mantras which she shares with us.

What does Women Empowerment mean to you? 

When a women is able to make her own choices in life, live life on her terms with  freedom of opportunities and is given equal rights of decision making, education and good health - that is Women Empowerment for me.  

Why are Indian Women less empowered?

Well yes, in India women are less empowered. In our nation, men are prioritized over women. Nevertheless, India has seen drastic changes in this regressive approach since 19th century. Women are now getting equal rights of education, career choices, getting involved in key decision making in the family. But still India has a long way to go, specially in rural areas.

Tips to build self-confidence within yourself.

  1. Believe in yourself – According to me, this is the most important aspect that builds self-confidence in a woman.

  2. Accept your weakness and  know your strengths - It is important to acknowledge our weaknesses instead of fighting with self over it. And we need to know our strengths and build our world around it. We need to celebrate our strengths and set milestones accordingly instead of fighting our weakness.

  3. Self Love - It is very important to love thyself. If we keep comparing ourself with others and keep finding faults in ourselves, this works as a major source of low confidence in individuals. Accepting thyself, loving thyself, taking good care of thyself is very important to feel the happiness within. This will automatically build confidence within and let us walk on aspirational paths. 

Tips to balance your work, home and personal life. 

Have a To Do List - This is a very important tool in my life which helps me to note down important task (personal and professional). By doing this I do not miss on any important task whether it is official or personal. 

Learn to say No – We, as women, are always reluctant to say no in our personal life and also work place. But it is important to draw boundaries and learn to politely say no if the task is too herculin and will disrupt the official or personal routine. On a personal note, this at times is challenging.

Self care - Do not forget personal self care, it is very very important. It is very important to pamper thyself also for that awesome happy feeling. 

Tips to manage your money.

- Invest in good SIPs

- Also park some money in recurring deposit, the safest sources of saving money

- Do keep a kitty for personal happiness like going out with friends, pampering thyself, family trips. 

Tips to Shine in a Male dominated Corporate world.

- Confidence is the biggest instrument to shine in any world, whether its our family, corporate work, delegates or anything. 

- Putting up your point gracefully - Lower down your voice, use good words, and put your point but gracefully. You need not be in a fighting spirit always to prove your point. Grace gives you an edge over loud voices is what I very firmly believe. 

- Maintaining proper code of conduct - Do not let anyone cross the line while communicating in the work atmosphere. Put your foot down at the same moment so that people around know their limits in terms of code of conduct.  

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Tips to walk out of a toxic relationship.

Understand the signs of toxic relationship - there are always signs like a wave of negativity in his/her presence, disrespect, lack of love and care, mental or physical abuse.

Acceptance - we take a lot of time to accept that this relationship is toxic in an unusual expectation that things might work out. We need to accept it on time and take the exit on the right time before it gets too late. 

Give time for self healing - Once we exit from a toxic relationship, giving time to thyself for healing is a very important phase. Take your time, go slow, and indulge in self care or self growth activities to heal internally in-depth. 

What’s your message for Indian Women on Women’s Day?

Every Woman is like a blossoming flower and we are lucky to be born as women. We have the power to give birth, we can bring so much happiness in the family, we can work professionally and we are such great multi-taskers. Lets love ourself, lets embrace ourself and lets support other women to understand their self worth. We are the most beautiful creations of almighty and we are totally worth it. I am sure you will agree with me and forge ahead in life with great gusto.

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