Usha Bachani – Speak Up against any injustice in your Life.


Have you ever wondered what's life like as an actor? Being an actor sounds all fancy and exciting. However, being an actor isn't for everyone. The only two things that would be discomforting to us would be the fame and the uncertainty of work. The downside to be in this profession is you’re constantly judged, critiqued, scrutinized and in the media glare. Usha Bachani has done some amazing roles not just in Bollywood but also for the small screen. Her recent portrayal in the TV show, 'Kundali Bhagya' has been well noticed. For us, Usha has always been that 'intelligent actor' whom we could end up discussing any topic under the sky.

What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

For me, Women Empowerment is all about raising the status of a woman by education, career, right to making their own decisions and the right to choose how you want to live their life's.

Why are Indian Women less empowered?

Women are less empowered in India as most of them are not allowed to decide or choose what they want. The family decides. Most of the families don't want to educate their girls as they just want to get them married so their responsibilities are over. Most of the Indian girls are taught from childhood that they have to get married, have children, cook, clean, sob, sweep and look after their husband, kids and their in-laws.

3 Tips to build self-confidence within yourself.

Women have to understand that they can achieve whatever they wish for with education and hard work. Self confidence can be achieved by believing in yourself and the slogan should be "I CAN DO IT."

3 Tips to walk out of a toxic relationship.

I personally feel it's better to be single than being in a toxic relation or to be with someone who is degrading or disrespecting you and making you feel you are good for nothing. Your peace of mind is the most important thing. Prioritize your mental and emotional health. Understanding that leaving is a brave and necessary step for your well-being. Build a support system and surround yourself with friends, family or a therapist who can provide emotional support.

3 Tips to balance your work, home and personal life.

Women are known to be experts at multi-tasking. This trait is deeply ingrained in a woman's genes. The mantra is one should know how to keep them separate.

3 Tips to manage your money.

Make up your mind that this much amount every month I have to save. There are SIP's, FD's Government bonds. Every month a certain amount should be kept aside. Make it a rule.

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3 Tips to fight Sexual Harassment at work.

My Body My Rules – that's the funda to follow. If someone is sexually harassing you at work please don't keep quiet. Raise your voice. Complain to the concerned department head. Go to the Police. There are lots of cells where one can complain for Sexual Harassment. If you keep quiet then it gives the man confidence and the Sexual Harassment will continue and it will keep on getting worse so PLEASE SPEAK UP.

3 Tips to Shine in a Male dominated Corporate world.

You have to believe in yourself. Never think I'm a women I'm weak. Confidence in yourself will make you reach places. Women have reached the moon so you can very well do it too.

3 Women causes you would like to support.

Educating women, stopping child marriage, making them confident, raise your voice against physical abuse, most of the lower class women are physically and mentally abused by their husbands. They need to understand its not okay. They need to be more career conscious so they are self sufficient and don't depend on any financial support.

What’s your message for Indian Women on Women’s Day?

On Women's Day, I salute the incredible strength and achievement of Indian Women. Believe in yourself and and the world will believe in you. Remember, you are powerful and capable of anything you set your mind to. Keep shining and inspiring others. Happy Women's Day.

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